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Founded in 2002, Tosca Company designs, produces and distributes packaging equipment for the food-processing industry (potato, carrot, onion, beetroot, various fruits and vegetables).

Concretely, materials designed and distributed by Tosca include:

  • Box filler (BOX 3000)
  • Platter filler (PL 3000)
  • Crate unstacker (DC 3000)
  • Weighing belt
  • Packaging belt
  • Special machines

Services delivered by Tosca also include the automation for the packaging line, but even the maintenance and the repair for the machines, as well as the distribution of packaging dedicated to the packaging of vegetables.

Integrating a research department that gathers professionals mastering information technology, logistics and technology, Tosca is able to realize audit report for your business in order to integrate the project within your organization with an optimal visibility.

Tosca works with many partners from the food-processing industry that have trusted us for the distribution of their products on the French territory.

Thanks to a rich experience for over 10 years, Tosca has acquired a huge mastery in the design of advanced technology transposed into its machines.


Tosca, it is also


Tosca, it is also

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